Evergreen Technology Solutions LLC Partners with the City of Pineland, TX

The collaboration marks a significant step in enhancing the city's technological infrastructure for better public service

December 2023

Project Overview: Evergreen Technology Solutions LLC's Modernization of Pineland's Communication Infrastructure

Cost Efficiency: The project promises a significant reduction in operational expenses, achieving an estimated 50% savings compared to the current expenditure on communication services. This financial efficiency is achieved through the strategic overhaul of existing systems, resulting in a leaner, more cost-effective setup.

System Simplification: A vital focus of the project is streamlining Pineland's telephone systems and operations. This involves the removal of redundant wiring and outdated equipment, simplifying the network's architecture. The simplification process enhances operational efficiency and reduces maintenance requirements and potential points of failure.

Technological Advancements: Evergreen Technology Solutions LLC has implemented state-of-the-art solutions, including advanced IP network systems and wireless technology. These updates are designed to modernize the city’s communication infrastructure, making it more robust and adaptable to future technological advancements. Including cutting-edge cybersecurity measures will further ensure the protection of the network against emerging threats, thereby safeguarding critical data and communications.

Benefits to Pineland and​ Its Residents

Improved Communication Capabilities: The upgraded infrastructure will significantly enhance the quality and reliability of communication across the city. This improvement is vital for efficient public services, emergency responses, and day-to-day interactions among residents and businesses.

Enhanced Security and Safety: By incorporating sophisticated cybersecurity enhancements, the project will bolster the security of Pineland's communication networks. This is crucial for protecting sensitive information and ensuring the safe operation of essential services.

Future-Proofing the City's Infrastructure: Implementing cutting-edge technologies and methodologies ensures that Pineland's communication systems remain relevant and effective despite rapid technological advancements. This forward-thinking approach lays a strong foundation for future growth and development.

Dwayne Armstrong - City Manager - "This partnership with Evergreen Technology Solutions LLC marks a significant milestone in our journey towards becoming a smarter city. The upgrades to our computer and telephone systems are not just about technology; they're about enhancing the way we serve our community," 

Brenden Smith, Evergreen Director of Technology - “At Evergreen Technology Solutions, our collaboration with the City of Pineland perfectly embodies our ethos, 'Where Technology Meets Tradition.' This partnership signifies more than a technological transformation; it represents our commitment to enhancing the capabilities of a city deeply rooted in tradition while propelling it toward a future of technical excellence. The City of Pineland, with its rich history and dedicated staff, is an ideal example of how modern technology can amplify the ability of a city to serve its community effectively.

We have taken on the significant challenge of modernizing Pineland’s historical administration building, an edifice previously constrained by outdated technology. Our comprehensive revamp of their computer and telephone systems has brought their infrastructure up to date and unlocked new possibilities for community engagement and service delivery.

Replacing the old Nortel-Norstar system with a cutting-edge communication network symbolizes the dramatic leap forward in our joint efforts. This is a crucial step in ensuring that the city's dedicated staff can operate without the limitations of the past, using the best tools available today.

Our intervention has also led to a notable financial impact, achieving significant cost savings in the city's technology expenditures. Our initial estimate of a $700 monthly saving on phone services has been realized, underscoring our commitment to upgrading and optimizing operational efficiency.

The remarkable dedication of the City Hall staff to their residents is bolstered by state-of-the-art technology, thanks to this partnership. It’s a testament to what can be achieved when tradition and technology converge. As Evergreen Technology Solutions continues to work closely with the City of Pineland, we are excited to see how these advancements will further empower the city's staff and benefit its residents. Together, we are setting a new standard for how cities can embrace technology while honoring their heritage.”

John Hargrove PE, Chief Operating Officer at Evergreen - "At Evergreen Technology Solutions LLC, we deliver state-of-the-art solutions that drive efficiency and security. Working with the City of Pineland allows us to demonstrate the transformative power of modern technology in public service." 

Tricia Jagneaux, CEO at Evergreen Technology Solutions - “The City of Pineland is a prime example of how Evergreen strives to bridge the gap between the latest tech and small-town business. We are thrilled to have Pineland join our community of clients.”

Evergreen Technology Solutions LLC - At Evergreen, our mission is deeply rooted in the harmonious blend of time-honored traditions and cutting-edge technological advancements. We are a dedicated team committed to making a tangible difference in our communities, addressing needs often overlooked by giant corporations. Our approach is people-centric, focusing on personalized solutions that resonate with the unique challenges faced by those we serve.

The City of Pineland, Texas located in southwestern Sabine County along U.S. Highway 96 and the Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe Railway, has roots in the early 20th century timber industry. It began as a sawmill and lumber camp on the Gulf, Beaumont, and Great Northern Railway in 1902. It was initially named John Adam's Mill before adopting Pineland in 1904. The Garrison Norton Lumber Company, which took over in 1906, was succeeded by the Temple Lumber Company in 1910 under Thomas L. L. Temple. At the same time, the lumber industry remained central to Pineland's economy. By the 1960s, the town had diversified with a hospital, library, bank, and supermarket. The population, which was 1,100 in 1987, decreased to 882 by 1990 and slightly rose to 980 by 2000, reflecting the town's evolving dynamic while still retaining its foundational industry.

For more information, contact Vashti Stanley at Evergreen Technology Solutions LLC (vashti@evergreentechtx.com ) or Dwayne Armstrong - City Manager at the City of Pineland, at coputility@gmail.com.

Evergreen Technology Solutions LLC Partners with the City of Pineland, TX
Evergreen Technology Solutions, Brenden Smith December 20, 2023
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